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Even with the investment that we have done with the machinery that we use and operate, we decided we would work with a select number of contractors for site clearance. If you are looking for advice on what type of contractor to use for your particular job, big or small, we would be delighted to offer advice to you. We work closely with these contractors who dig out and prepare sites. They would then load our lorries with our waste collection permit (WCP) NWCPO-11-09567-02. We can ensure that your site is cleared properly and that the materials coming from your site are going to the right type of licensed or permitted facility.

As with our Licensed and Permitted facilities, our WCP is mainly for the collection of inert C&D waste

  • Clay, subsoil, topsoil - 17 05 04,
  • stone, rock, slate - 17 09 04
  • pottery, china - 17 01 03
  • Solid Tarmacadam, Solid Asphalt and Solid Road Planning’s - 17 03 02
  • Concrete 17 01 01

We also have a number of other materials on our WCP.

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