Image Construction& Demolition Waste Collection & Removal

Marrakesh Ltd operate both Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Licensed Landfill W0048-01 since 2000 and a number of Wicklow County Council (WCC) Waste Facility Permits over the years, currently, we are operating WFP-WW-18-0041-01, both sites are for inert Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials limited to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code for each facility.

European Waste Catalogue codes are to identify where the material has come from, the type of material it is, and there for it is clearer the best practice for recovering and recycling materials where possible.

We have been asked why we have opted for both the EPA license and Waste Facility Permit many times. Although the EPA Licensed facility has stricter controls and extra testing requirements, it is for peace of mind, as we are a family operated business with many family members and fantastic neighbors living in the local area to our facility. We have always wanted to ensure that what we are doing here does not impact negatively on the Environment and or on the families in the locality.

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